Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Menu board planner

I've been having some issues with food inspiration. I've been contemplating a meal plan for a while. I saw this diy on Facebook and fell in love with it.
All you need:
- some fabric that you like and backing or scrapbook paper
- magnets
- glue gun
- clothes pins ( I used bobby pins)
- card stock
- marker
- cue cards

1) glue the fabric to the backing.
2) glue the magnets to the back of the menu.
3) cut out 8 shapes out of the card stock (1 for the menu title and 7 for the days of the week. ) and write.
4) glue the title onto the menu and the weekdays onto the clothes pins
5) glues back of clothespins to menu in order.
6) and lastly, write down your meals on the cue cards and as you find recipes you like you can add them to your menu cards.

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