Sunday, 21 April 2013

My recycled notebook

After the move I found sooo much I wanted to make! I wanted to make furniture, clothes, toys, sheets, anything I could! But, of course, I don't have the space or the tools for any of it. So I decided to buy a notebook and record all of my brilliant (and sometimes not so brilliant) ideas and pictures so that when I do have my tools and space I have them right at my finger tips. Then I thought "BUY!? I'm going to make my own!!"

Here's what you need!
- a cereal box (empty)
- scissors
- printing paper
- darning needle
- twine or reeeally thick thread
- a pretty button!

1) Cut out one of the big sides of the cereal box and fold it in half.(picture in , this will be the cover)

2) fold the printing paper inside and cut it to size (about 2 cm from the edge of the cardboard)

3) Once you have the size all figured out sew along the fold of the printing paper to the inside fold of the cereal box.

4) Sew your pretty button on to the front cover, about an inch from the edge. knot but dont cut off you'll need enough thread/ twine left over to wrap around the book twice and around the button to secure it (4-5x).

5) then you can decorate your cover however you want. if paint will be involved I advise painting the cover before you put it all together.

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